Election 2020 – Adventures in Voting

Voting in absentia

by Frank C. Siraguso
July 28, 2020

voting stickersThe Missouri primary election is Tuesday, August 4, 2020. Today we, Molly Margaret and I, went to the Kansas City Board of Election Commissioners office in Union Station. We cast our absentee ballots for governor, U.S. congressional representatives, and whether to expand Medicaid, which Missouri has so far refused to do.

The reason we voted absentee is that we will be out of town on election day. I have never voted absentee, and neither has Molly Margaret. But this is one time we needed to and almost didn’t make it. We decided to head to the lake, not really on a whim but, maybe. Last Monday, July 20, I realized we’d be out of town and then learned the deadline for requesting an absentee ballot was Wednesday, July 22. (more…)